Mark’s 2023 Calendar

Coming Home to the Heart of Nature
2023 Calendar

There is a silence and stillness found in nature that is essential to the well-being of humankind. Mark’s photographs exude those qualities, and with this calendar premiere he shares some of them with you. Each one is a meditation of sorts, inviting you in as a pathway of discovery to your own inner stillness.

  • 1 calendar: $20. + $6 s/h
  • 2 calendars: $40. +$10 s/h
  • 5 calendars (buy 4 get one free):
    $80 + $12 s/h
  • 10 calendars (buy 8 get 2 free):
    $160 + $15 s/h

How Many?

Inspiring work, thanks Mark!

Mark’s calendar is inspirational and unique. I have bought a bunch of them for gifts. I plan to keep the images on my wall for a long time to come!

Mat Doyle


The images make me feel like I am actually there!

Emme D.

Rad calendar!

Beautiful photos! Beautiful design!

Albert Treehugger